There is a better way to treat GERD

There is a better way to treat gerd

The TIF® procedure fixes the root cause of GERD

The TIF procedure for chronic acid reflux treats the underlying cause of GERD endoscopically, using the natural pathway of the mouth and esophagus to access the esophageal valve and stomach. The TIF procedure rebuilds the lower esophageal valve and restores the body’s natural protection against reflux. It follows the well-established principles of traditional anti-reflux surgery and delivers similar results with fewer complications.

Safe & effective

Cleared by the FDA and clinically proven to produce long-lasting results with an excellent safety profile and no long-term side effects.

Fast recovery

A minimally-invasive procedure means you’re back to what matters most…faster than other surgical options.

Covered by most insurance

Treating your reflux while limiting your out-of-pocket costs helps maximize your peace of mind.

Hear what patients are saying

“When it came time to choose between the Nissen or the TIF procedure, I decided that the TIF procedure was less invasive and the better choice for me.”

—Savannah J.