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No more PPIs

The TIF 2.0® procedure bridges the gap between pharmacological therapies and traditional anti-reflux surgery, with faster recovery and fewer side effects. We’ve taken the complexity and variability out of the fundoplication by utilizing direct visualization, making TIF 2.0 a reproducible and standardizable option that allows you to restore patient anatomy to its natural state.

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Graphic: Who is a candidate for TIF 2.0

Who is a candidate for TIF 2.0?

By offering a more personalized approach uniquely tailored to the specific needs of each individual patient, regardless of where they fall on the GERD spectrum, the TIF 2.0 procedure is safe and effective for nearly anyone seeking long-term relief from GERD…even those patients with hiatal hernias.

Clinical results

More than 30,000 patients have already chosen lasting relief from reflux by choosing the TIF 2.0 procedure. Not only does the procedure feature an exemplary safety profile, but the results speak for themselves. Thanks to the effectiveness and durability of the procedure, 81% of TIF 2.0 patients no longer use PPIs daily.


Procedures worldwide since original EsophyX® device clearance in 2007


Peer-reviewed clinical papers in respected gastroenterology and surgical journals


Unique patients studied in over 75 centers with consistent outcomes


Published randomized control trials two with sham controlled arms

Treat a broader patient population with TIF 2.0®