cTIF: Treat a broader population of patients

cTIF is a safe, effective and durable solution for GERD, with faster recovery and fewer side effects than traditional surgery.

73% Decrease in GERD frequency and severity
83% Decrease in regurgitation
89% Reduction in PPI use
94% Improvement in DeMeester score

For patients that received cTIF
Choi et. al, J Am Coll Surg 2021 Mar; 232 (3); 309-318

Dr. Kenneth J. Chang, MD discusses recent cTIF data

“The fact that we can combine the hernia repair with the TIF procedure now opens up a wider spectrum of patients who could benefit.”

cTIF addresses the root cause of reflux by restoring the anatomy to its natural state. The procedure is performed under direct visualization, allowing for reproducible and standardizable results. With the cTIF procedure, more patients than ever have access to real relief from chronic reflux.
Treat a broader patient population with TIF 2.0®