Training and Education

EndoGastric Solutions (EGS) is committed to supporting the development and implementation of your GERD program.

We provide comprehensive training opportunities that include resources to help prepare both physician and staff.

Training & Education

Clinical Training Opportunities

EndoGastric Solutions physician training is designed to promote the safe and efficacious use of the EsophyX® device during the TIF 2.0® procedure and consists of the following training opportunities, which can be customized to provide the physician with a training experience that is most relevant for both their individual and institutional requirements.

Module 1

Peer-to-peer Didactic Lecture

Didactic lecture given by EGS Faculty member reviewing GERD anatomy and physiology, patient selection and workup, overview of the EsophyX device, steps of the TIF 2.0 and cTIF procedure, indications and contradications.

Module 2

EsophyX Z+ Device and Procedure Overview

Didactic lecture led by an EGS qualified individual conducted virtual or live, which is preferred. The EsophyX device and TIF 2.0 procedure are thoroughly reviewed with an emphasis on fully understanding the operation of the device, steps of the TIF 2.0 procedure and all aspects of the instructions for use. 

Module 3

Hands-on Practice

Hands-on procedure simulation conducted on an EGS inanimate training model. Includes a comprehensive review of device preparation, device insertion, tissue manipulation, fastener placement and device removal. 

Module 4

Procedure Observation

Topics discussed include patient positioning, room set up, EsophyX device preparation, steps of the procedure, diagnosis of hiatal hernia and pre- and post-op EGD. Can be conducted in person or virtual at one of EndoGastric Solutions regional training centers or through video review. 

Curriculum Completion

EndoGastric Solutions can provide the attending physician with a certificate of completion when the required training components and assessments are met.

EndoGastric Solutions personnel will also provide EsophyX device  in-service training to relevant hospital staff.

Upon training completion, a qualified EndoGastric Solutions individual will support 20 live cases (live or virtual) or until procedure autonomy is reached, whichever comes first. Experience has shown that physicians who stack cases reach autonomy faster than those who complete cases over a longer duration. 

Physicians are to be retrained and re-assessed if they have not performed a procedure within a 12-month period. A qualified EndoGastric Solutions individual will resume procedure support for 20 cases (live or virtual) or until they physician has reached procedure autonomy, whichever comes first. 


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